How to Fix Corrupted SD Card problem for Android, iOS, & Windows

Does your SD card get corrupted? Have you applied any process to recover your data? Are you looking for How to fix corrupted SD card problem? If you are not able to fix your problem of recovering your data and information then here you can check the process as well as symptoms that indicates your SD card gets corrupted. Here you will get all the answers to fix your memory card problem.

How to repair corrupted SD card

How to fix corrupted SD Card?

There are many ways available to solve and protect your SD card from being corrupted. In order to fix your problem, you need to follow a procedure to save and protect your SD card from getting corrupted.

How to use chkdsk command to repair corrupted memory card?

In order to fix the corrupted SD and memory card, you need to use various methods. Here we are using command prompt to fix issues related to corrupted micro SD card:

  • Go to window and start run menu or you can use hotkey Win+R.
  • Now you must enter cmd.
  • The user can connect SD card with your PC using card reader.
  • In your command prompt, the user need to enter chkdsk along with card’s drive letter and /f.
  • Press enter and your device will start fixing problems related to corrupted card.

Format corrupted Memory Card

To format your memory card, you need to follow simple process.

  • The user can use card reader to make connection between SD card along with your PC.
  • Go to the My Computer and PC and then click on SD card option.
  • Select format by clicking on drop down menu.
  • After the appearance of pop-up window, the user can click on restore device defaults and then start.
  • For deep scanning, you need to uncheck the Quick format.
  • You need to wait till the process gets completed.

How to protect your data from getting loss?

  • All the SD cards is featured with limited number of life.
  • After you have used SD card for various years, you can get a better card where you can store data and information.
  • If photos, videos, and other data are important for you then you can store and take the copy of the data on your computer.

Use SD card on other device

Sometimes, PC and phone can cause problem. You need to insert your microSD card into other device.

How to find that the Memory Card gets corrupted?

How to fix corrupted SD Card

Here we have mentioned few symptoms that indicate your SD Card gets corrupted:

  • The photos, pictures, and videos open incorrectly that signifies that SD card gets corrupted.
  • The user cannot read the SD card or if your memory card is not recognized by any of the device.
  • If you will get a message that your SD card is not formatted and do you really want to format your SD card now.
  • Your operating system is showing reading and writing errors.
  • If you connect your memory card with your computer and the SD card will not respond then it may be because your memory card is not responding.

How to save and recover your data from getting corrupted?

The SD cards are small in size as well as are lightweight. The user stores lots of data and important files that can get corrupted and become inaccessible.

Everyone can face such kind of issues and prevailing situation. Your device including smartphone, PC, and laptop will get a message that your device cannot access SD card now. The situation can get worse for those how store files, videos, images on their memory card.

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