How to Delete Skype Account Permanently Step by Step

Skype is a service that allows people to make and receive calls free of cost. When we think about making video calls, Skype is the first name that strikes our mind. Earlier people had to take care of the minutes for which they used to talk on international calls. As the longer you communicate, more charge you will have to pay. Still, if you want to know how to delete Skype account, read the article.

How to Delete Skype Account

How to Delete Skype Account

Sometimes you are just not left with a choice other than deleting Skype Account. But this is not going to be easy for you. The process of deleting the account is made tricky by Microsoft. It has to be tricky as nobody wants their number of users to decrease. So there are certain steps that you need to follow to delete Skype account from login.

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How to Delete Skype Account Permanently

There are two possibilities in this case. First, your Skype account is linked to the Microsoft Account. Another is that it is not linked. For the first case, you will have to unlink the account. As deleting Skype account would delete Microsoft account too.

  1. Unlink Skype from My Microsoft Account

Before proceeding to deletion you will have to unlink the Microsoft and Skype accounts.

  • You will have to begin with Skype account sign in. Once you successfully sign in go to settings and preferences. Under the settings and preferences section, you will find the account settings option.

Delete your Skype Account

  • On the Account settings page, there is an option to unlink. The option will appear in front of your Microsoft account. Tap on unlink and then continue.

How to Delete Skype Account Permanently

  • If your account is already unlinked, you can skip this step. In case, you are unable to unlink the account contact customer support.
  1. Cancel Skype Subscription

If you have any ongoing subscriptions then cancel them. If there is a long time for your subscription to end, request for the refund. Refunds may not work in a certain case so it is better you use any credits left. Turn off the auto-renew option for payments. For canceling use the following steps:

  • In the account settings go to subscription. Select a subscription you wish to cancel. There will be a cancel subscription option at the bottom.
  • You will be prompted to select a reason for canceling. Select and confirm the cancellation. Likewise, you can cancel all the subscriptions.
  • Instead of canceling you can even use the Skype credits.
  • Auto Recharge option may be active on your account. Go to billing and payments in the account details section. Disable Auto recharge to stop recurring payments.
  1. Delete Skype Number and Account

In case you have linked a Skype number to your account, unlink it. There is no refund option for the subscription for Skype number. It is better you use it before deletion.

  • Go to manage features and tap on the Skype number. Go to its settings and tap on “Cancel Skype Number”.

Deleting Skype Account

  • The number will still be active until the subscription ends. For 90 days the number will be available for renewal.
  • Contact the Skype customer service for closing the account.
  • It will take 30 days for Microsoft to permanently delete your Skype account.

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  1. Make Skype Account Undiscoverable

For this, you will have to remove all your personal data from the account.

  • First, click on Skype and select profile from the drop-down. New options on the right will appear. Select the “Edit your profile” option.

Cancel Skype Subscription

  • In the “my info” section go to profit picture option. Now, remove your profile picture.
  • Again go to “my info” and change the status of your account to offline or invisible.
  • Change your mood message to unavailable. You can even enter an alternative contact of yours.
  • Go to edit profile and remove your personal information. Make sure, you do not remove your email address.
  • These steps are the answer to your query on how to delete Skype from computer.

After following the above steps you won’t be discoverable on Skype. Now, you can sign out of all your Skype accounts. Wait for the 30 days to completely delete your Skype account. Backup the data like chats, contact, and other details as everything will be deleted.

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