5 Basic Useful CMD Commands That Every Windows User Must Know

Do you want to learn some important Command Prompt commands? CMD is an application that functions as a command line interpreter. Once you enter the command it executes them. Most of the commands on CMD are used to automate tasks and perform advanced administrative functions. You can even solve or troubleshoots certain kinds of issues in Windows by using these CMD commands.

cmd commands

CMD Commands

The Command Prompt shortcut can be found either on the Apps screen or start menu. Depending on the version of windows the location may vary. There are certain basic CMD commands that you must know. The commands we have listed will work on versions like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 10, and Windows 8. We have listed them below.

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When you delete a file on the hard drive they are not actually deleted. The files are not accessible but you can still recover them until the system overwrites them. The cipher command is used to overwrite random data and wipe the directory. You will have to use the command “cipher/w:c” to wipe free space on the drive. You won’t have to worry as the data that is not deleted won’t be affected by this command. This command has to be in the CMD commands list.

CMD command for network


This command is a form of counterpart to the Windows Server Backup. You can easily create system backup images using this CMD command.  You can perform restores and backups of files, folders, drive volumes, applications, and operating systems. The backup system is actually removed from Windows 8.1 so this command is really helpful for this operating system users.


This is one of those CMD commands Windows 8 that every user must know. If you run this CMD command then a shutdown shortcut would be created on the screen. Windows users need to open the tiles first and they can turn off their PC. For Windows 8 users this command is easy to use and time-saving. Although this command works on all the versions of windows the older versions already have this shortcut. You will have to type “shutdown /s /t 0” for this command. You must also check CMD commands tricks for more functionalities.


Ping is one of the best CMD commands. This command is used to verify that whether a device can communicate with another device on the network or not. In other words, whether your PC is able to send or receive packets or not. So you need to open the Command Prompt and then enter “PING domain name”. Here, in place of the domain name you can enter a site’s name.  If the IP address of the site is shown as a result then the internet connection is working fine. If it is not displayed then there might be something blocking your connection.

CMD commands windows 8


Netstat also pronounced as Network statistics is a CMD command for network. Using this command would display network connections for the routing tables and Transmission Control Protocol. Once you run this command the list of all the open protocols of the network operator. You just need to type “netstat -an” in the Command Prompt and press the enter button.

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This is one of those Windows CMD commands that are related to the network. Here, you can find the IP address using this command. You can find the IP address using control panel too but it will consume a lot of time. So it is better you use a shorter method for finding the same. Just enter “IPCONFIG” in the Command Prompt and press the enter button. The result will be displayed as soon as you press enter.

CMD commands list


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