How to Watch Star Wars Rebels on Netflix [Latest Update]

If you are searching for Star Wars Rebels NetFlix and you are not getting a satisfactory answer. You have landed on the right page. Although there is much demand for this series, the distributor has different plans in mind, they have no plans of making it available on NetFlix. They clearly know that they can make much more profits by the stardom of the band name in the series.

star wars rebels netflix

What is Star Wars: Star Wars News?

In case you are not aware of this series. Here is the awesome history of the famous film series. Star Wars Rebels the animated version of star wars.  If you have seen star wars clone wars, it’s quite similar.  Star Wars is an American Film-series produced by George Lucas. It is a story about a far away galaxy, long time ago. The first movie was released in 1977. It is so popular among the Fans that they celebrate star wars day. It is been followed by many sequels like:

  • Star Wars- A New Hope (1977)
  • The Empire strikes back. (1980)
  • Return of the Jedi. (1983)

These 3 movies are called the original Trilogy of Star Wars.

However post the original series, other prequels were released in-between 1999-2005.  Another sequel was also released in-between 2015-2017, with a sequel Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The first 8 films were nominated for Academy Awards. The series has speeded its feet vast in the media with books, TV series, video games,  theme park attractions and comic books. Star Wars has a Guineas Book of records for most successful films.

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Netflix Star Wars Series

NetFlix is a streaming service provider that allows its viewers to watch popular TV shows, movies, founded in 1997. Initially, Netflix began with selling and renting of DVDs. Slowly Netflix expanded into TV shows, movies production as well as the distribution. NetFlix entered into production world in 2012 and then it’s never looked back. It has its own series numbering 126 by 2016.  Netflix operates in 190 Countries. Netflix has a Paid subscription and after subscribing you can have unlimited access to all its content and it’s completely ad-free. As of June 2018, NetFlix has more than 125 million subscribers around the globe. The basic subscription costs around 8$ per month.

Where to Watch?

Star Wars Rebels is not uploaded on Netflix. Also, it is not coming on NetFlix any time coming soon. So where can you all watch the series? The answer is the alternative sites that offer this service. Some may charge a small amount and others would provide this to you at free of cost.

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Watch Star Wars Rebels Online

  • Right now you can buy star wars rebels DVD from Amazon for around 15-20$ each approximately. There is also an investment option of around 100$ for the entire collection.
  • You can simply subscribe star wars rebels on Amazon prime video and purchase the series to watch star wars rebels online. Alternatively, you can download the series from the torrent side if you have a VPN.
  • As per the current scenario, Walt Disney XD holds all the right for digital distribution of the series. The Good news is that Disney is creating its own streamlining service where you would be able to watch all these videos directly on Disney streaming service.

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