Popcornflix Review: Free Movie Streaming Site

While there are multiple sites that offer streaming service but good quality content still stays as a major issue. You might have visited multiple sites but are you satisfied with their content? Even though some users are but we have the habit of looking for better options. Popcornflix is one of those free movie streaming sites that is versatile in terms of its content.



Some of you might be already aware of this site. Still, let’s get into details to know more. Popcornflix was launched in 2011 by the Screen Media Ventures.  Screen media is known for its motion picture distribution service. The company itself has over 1500 movies that are independently owned by them. It has an amazing collection of good quality content. Popcornflix works on an ad-supported model. As the site offers free movie streaming so the users can watch a short ad.

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Content on Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a free service. Once you visit the website you can find multiple genres with a picture displayed for each one of them. These include romance, drama, action, comedy, horror and more. It ranges from the good old classics to the foreign flick. If you are unable to decide which movie to watch then there is an easier way too. Just check the most popular or new arrivals for the best or latest collection.

Other than movies there is another collection too. This website also has the high-quality documentaries in its collection. This includes the titles from some of the major TV networks. These include BBC, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. The most exciting documentaries among them are the Road Cops and Commandos, Wildest Series, and War Horse: The Real Story. If you are still not satisfied with the categories you can check the kid’s shows, horror movies, and cult-comedies too.

Popcornflix Download Movies: Interface

Talking about the interface it is better with the simple and neat look. The first time users will immediately understand its usage. There is even a Popcornflix app that specially designed for the mobile users. The application and website are not exactly similar there are small differences in them. The first thing that appears when you visit the site is the latest addition to the site. Below that appears the list of genres in the horizontal format.

Popcornflix download movies

If you do not want to open the genre then scroll down. For each genre, a list of movies in grid-format is displayed. You just need to tap on the grid-like poster to view them. Once you move your cursor on at the end of the horizontal list more movies start appearing in moving format. This part of the interface makes the site extremely user-friendly. Once you reach the end of the page you can even tap on load more to view the complete details.

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Popcornflix Review

If you compare the content on Popcornflix with other competitive sites you will find that this site is far superior to them. It has a pretty good collection of videos. Every month there is an addition of new movies so that the user never falls short of what to watch. The company has even launched separate websites to serve the horror or kids movies lover. They are the FrightPix and Popcornflix Kids. In fact, the site offers free movie streaming without sign up. You can even check the Popcornflix apk for a better experience.

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