How to Reduce PDF File Size in Adobe Reader & Mac


Reducing file size involves the removal of disposable objects. It also involves reducing the image size.  Do you have large PDF files on your system? If yes, you can reduce their size to manage the storage space of your system. The addition of class notes and images to PDF increases their size. Learn how to reduce pdf file size through this article.

Reduce PDF File
Reduce PDF File

How to Reduce PDF File Size

The SmallPDF offers free service for reducing PDF file size.

  • Go to the site of SmallPDF.
  • Press the choose file button to select a PDF file from your system.
  • Use the dialog box to select and open the PDF.
  • Now, the site will reduce the size of the file.
  • There is a “Download File Now” option on the site. You can click the button to download the file.

How to Reduce PDF File Size in Adobe Reader

  • Locate and open the PDF file.
  • Click on File and select “Save As” option. Another set of options will open.
  • Select the correct version for compatibility.
  • Save the PDF file. Make sure you tap on “Apply to Multiple” to save multiple files together.

How to Reduce PDF File Size Online

There is another free service available online. These services help to reduce PDF file size below 100 kb. PDFaid provides more file compression options.

  • First, select the file using the “Choose File” button. You can add files as large as 20 MB.
  • Adjust the grey image quality, color image quality, and monochrome image quality. There is a slider in front of each option to change the quality.
  • You can check or uncheck the box for compress streams and other options.
  • After the site reduces the file size you can save the file to your system.

How to Reduce PDF File Size Mac

  • First, open the Preview application.
  • Go to File->Open.
  • Open the PDF file and again go to the File menu.
  • Tap on Export. A dialog box for the export option will open.
  • Click on the format and select PDF. Similarly, select reduce file size for Quartz filter.
  • Select the location for saving the PDF file and press the save button.
  • The file will be saved in the compressed format.

Reduce PDF File Size

The Windows operating system has an inbuilt function for compressing files. You can use the function for immediately reducing the size of the file.

  • First, find the PDF file for which you want the reduction to happen.
  • Now, right-click on the file. Move your cursor to send to option. You will see the “Compressed Folder” option. Select the compression option.
  • You can rename the folder according to your wish.
  • The Windows operating system will save the file in compressed form. The folder will have a zip like sign over it.

Reduce the Size of PDF

You might have known by now How to Reduce PDF File Size. From the different ways mentioned above, you can select the one appropriate for you. PDF size converters offer various options for reducing the size of a file. You need to check the size of the PDF before compression. All the websites and applications do not reduce large PDF files.

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